Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven  St. Matthew 6:10 KJV 



Any organization desiring membership shall be interview by at least two members of the Board of
Director of this organization, with one of them being the Senior Missional Pastor/President. In the event, there's a hardship due to time and distance the Senior Missional Pastor, along with at least one of the board of directors may conduct the interview by phone.

           We are focused of building the Kingdom of God on earth and not only and organization with that being said This                   organization shall be open to form relationships with, and offer training to any church, ministers, or ministry, whether                                      they file a membership application or not with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.,

                                                   There are 2 ways a church can experience a relationship with us:

                                                      1. Relationship Affiliation= This is a non member relationship 

       2. Active Membership= This is a full membership relationship

            Those that are interest in membership can continue reading information below the relational affiliation form.  

Relational Affiliation Form Request

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Member Ministries


These are non-profit  ministry organizations that may specialize in a specific area of ministry such as evangelism, discipleship, feeding, sheltering, and clothing the poor, justice ministries, etc..... which  believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization.


1.  Mentorship If Needed

2. Help With Strategy And Vision Planning

3. Spiritual Gift & Callings Activation

4. Networking

5. Ministry Team development & Council

Membership Structure

Each active ministry organization shall be entitled to one properly designated delegate, if so desired. 

Each delegate shall secure a letter, on ministry letterhead, from the Secretary, President or Chief Executive Director of the ministry certifying to his/her appointment to represent the organization at the business sessions.

 This letter shall be presented to the Board of Director of this association.

The ministry shall be represented through their chief executive officer except when that person chooses a duly elected member of the organization that shall serve as the delegate and representative of that ministry.

Ministry organizations who are a part of any local or regional fellowship must make separate application to be an active member of this association, and to receive its benefits.

Names of ministry organizations will be placed in an annual directory.

Membership in this corporation confers no civil or property rights upon any member.

General & Member Ministry Orientation Videos

General Association Video Orientation Part 1

General Association Video Orientation Part 2

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