Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven  St. Matthew 6:10 KJV 

Member Churches



Any church desiring membership shall be interview by at least two members of the Board of
Director of this organization, with one of them being the Senior Missional Pastor/President. 

In the event, there's a hardship due to time and distance the Senior Missional Pastor, along with at least one of the board of directors may conduct the interview by phone.

       We are focused of building the Kingdom of God on earth and not only and organization with that being said This                   organization shall be open to form relationships with, and offer training to any church, ministers, or ministry, whether                                      they file a membership application or not with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.,


                                                   There are 2 ways a church can experience a relationship with us:

                                                      1. Relationship Affiliation= This is a non member relationship 

                                                           2. Active Membership= This is a full membership relationship

                                     Those that are interest in a active membership can continue reading information below 
                                                                               the relational affiliation form.  

Active Member Churches


These are chartered of this association, or incorporated local churches  regardless of denominational background, which believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization.


     1.  Council And Encouragement For Churches That Are In The Process Of Restructuring. 

 2. Strategy Aid In Accomplish The Church's Vision

3. Team Leadership Development

4. Church Planting Assistance

5. Marketplace/Community Impact Assistance  

6. Church Networking

                                                                      7. Spiritual Gift & Callings                                                                                                                                             Activation Trainings

                                                             8. Missional or local Evangelism 
                                                                       Team Development.

 General & Member Church Orientation Videos 

General Association Video Orientation Part 1

General Association Video Orientation Part 2

Relational Affiliation Form Request

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