Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven  St. Matthew 6:10 KJV 


We Don't Build Buildings, 
But We Do Build Lives 

 Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc., 

(DBA Kingdom Commission 28)

We are a Non-Denominational Full Gospel association of churches, ministries, and ministers,  with a cross cultural local, regional, and international outreach focus.  

We Have 2 Primary Functions

1. To aid others in church planting, and church outreach/expansion efforts both in the U. S. and international countries

2.  To identify activate individuals in their Spiritual gifts 

(Ephesians 4:10-16 /1st Corinthians 12:1-31/Romans 12:3-8), and mobilizes the members of the body of Christ to fulfill their specific God given leadership function both individually and corporately.

Fitness Fellowship

We are here to strengthen and empower individuals both physically and spiritually threw our family martial arts, fitness, and self defense program conducted in person and on Zoom, click below for details

Our Structural Purpose 

This association is organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational, and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code.

This organization is organized to act as an association of churches, and to be a mentoring, training, and coordinating agency for its member churches for the purposes of developing the spirit of Christian fellowship and cooperative mission among the denominations, and churches, and also to include membership, mentoring, training, and networking opportunities for ministries, ministers, and individual Christians throughout the U.S., and the world.

We engage in a number of activities such as provision of clergymen at hospitals, prisons, college campuses etc.…, provide pastoral counseling, coordinated religious educational programs, and coordinated efforts to aid the poor.

We promote through cooperative efforts spiritual, moral, social, and civic welfare, and establish places of worship, teach and preach the gospel to all people, conduct evangelistic and humanitarian outreaches, commission, license and ordain ministers of the gospel, and  also engage in activities which are necessary, suitable, or convenient for the accomplishment of God's kingdom (Romans 14:17) being demonstrated on earth.

  We are passionate about God's kingdom, and doctrinally sound churches being planted, and expanded both nationally, and internationally.  

We not only co-labor with the Holy Spirit of God, his churches, ministry organizations, and ministers throughout the world to evangelize and make disciples, but to also to identify, equip, and release the body of Christ members into their specific local, regional, or international 

This includes ministry activation in the the local church, team ministry, and the marketplace. 

The marketplace is where most christians spend at least 90 percent of their lives outside of the church walls, such as the workplace, social groups, businesses, etc...., and where Jesus mission on earth was to reach out, and demonstrated the kingdom of heaven to the lost (St. Luke 5:29-32).

The local church (New church plants/Established Churches) is not only a place of fellowship, spiritual nourishment, and community,  but also a place where spiritual leaders of different gifting are equipping the believers in their specific giftings, and callings to impact this world with the presents, and power of Jesus Christ, and the kingdom of heaven that he brings with him (Ephesians 4:11-16).

KCCMI currently pursues  relationships with individuals, ministry gift leaders, religious organizations, and local churches across denominational, cultural, 

and geographical boundaries.   

Please Note:

We know that many denominations and 

non-denominational, or independent churches take different doctrinal stands on biblical subjects.  We respect their convictions while looking for what we agree on instead of what has driven so many in the body of Christ apart from each other.  

The reality is, a body cannot stand strong if it's busy tearing itself down because of it's different functions.  if we can't learn to press past our differences, the world cannot see or experience the true love and power of Christ through us.

(John 13:35) 

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